• The pies, you'll die for

    but first, coffee

  • partner

    refer, re-sell, market, stock or own a catalog of products


    You are looking for good class of beans to complement your selection of beans.


    We have a catalog of beans that will bring value to most selection.


    You, likely, have a catalog of products and services which you recommend to a faithful customer base, who are always looking for the new, useful, beneficial or profitable.


    Take a re-seller fee.


    You are just a good soul with an ear for your friends who have needs, beyond your own.


    Coffee on us.


    You have a turn for bringing enlightenment to the most obtuse of learners. Education is your thing, and workshop practicals is your fling.


    Can we resell your training?


    You have a catalog of cafe related products and services.


    Can we appoint you as a stockist? We have the routes to market.


    You may have a catalog of cafe related products and services.

    And are looking for more that can interest and excite a marketplace that trusts your taste.


    Can we interest you to take our products to market too? We have a catalog of coffee products that are worthy and competitive.


    You grow coffee. And need a way to turn beans into cash.


    We have clients for good beans.


    You are an influencer and have a following on social media. And are always looking for worthy products to wow your followers.


    Discount voucher for you to give away, and points for you.

    technology partner

    You have the ePayment infrastructure that our coffee ecosystem can run on.  


    We are keen to extend our reach and influence, and can use technology to extend our reach.


    You are looking for another good business to grow the next dollar from. Something that takes little of your time, yields a good return than the usual saving mechanisms, and which you will be proud of, to own.


    We are keen to extend our reach and influence, and can use good funds to help us get to the yet reached.

  • reseller unlimited

    resell | build a following | build an income


    • build a network of coffee drinkers
    • give away a coffee machine
    • monthly supply of coffee
    • ride on purchases by network


    • build a business to supply coffee within a geography
    • recruit iStore owners
    • work with geography stockist to fulfill orders
    • build a stash of iStore purchases, discounted


    • build a network of networks of coffee drinkers
    • monthly supply of coffee
    • ride on network of purchases
  • supplier unlimited

    you supply | we have a marketplace of buyers

    build a demand for your produce


    We take your produce to market. And profit share.


    We buy your produce outright. Long term.